Our Methodology

Accelerate and maximize ROI

Navigator believes strategic decisions are enabled by people, process and technology. Merging these three into one, cohesive unit that move towards the same goal requires leadership and a proven methodology.  Navigator’s Beacon Methodology provides a framework to do just that.

It acts as a foundation for estimating project scope, schedules and workday estimates. It also includes key workplan and task deliverable templates and samples along the lifecycle of the project so that valuable project time is not spent developing them as the project proceeds. The entire project team benefits from this rigorous approach with easy access to the tools.

By driving projects to early and frequent deliveries that are closely aligned to business needs, you’re able to react – even mid-project – to strategic and tactical business changes. Requirements are gathered, prioritized and implemented based on value delivered and not by best guesses.

By keeping both project and vision on track while delivering early and often, the Beacon Methodology accelerates and maximizes the return on investments.