Core Values

World Class Value

Top talent priced locally. Our typical consultants have worked at the market leading consultancies and were among the top 20% at those firms. We can offer their services at local rates because we’re local and have low administrative overhead, i.e. self-directed but funded training, instant feedback and a minimalist approach to business operations.

Experienced Perspective

Broad and deep skills combined with real world project experience across multiple industries and functions set NavMP consultants apart. Our consultants bring strong leadership and a balanced approach to any project. Execution is a given. The difference is HOW WE EXECUTE against a plan. Our consultants are driven, fun people that enjoy the hardest challenges. This passion is transferred to your project and others in your company.

Success Through Measured Improvement

We will make sure that business value is the key driver of change by building sound a business case at the start of the project and measuring agreed-upon metrics throughout the project that are then used to continually improve your processes. This method aligns all parties to use facts to drive decisions and ensures measurable success is the main goal.

Long Term Partnering

NavMP believes in long-term partnering with its consultants and clients. Once joining NavMP, our consultants stay. Our retention rate is, measured annually is over 90% since the company’s inception. We want to build this same trust with our clients and do so because our consultants are locally stationed. This enables our clients to continually stay in contact with our consultants even after the project has been completed. Eighty-eight percent of our clients retain us for additional work after the original project has been completed.

Innovative Growth

NavMP fosters innovative growth internally and externally. Internally, our consultants are encouraged to develop new business ideas and models that NavMP can take to market. These “intra”-preneurs are key elements of NavMP’s growth strategy. For our clients, we want to use innovation, not just cost cutting or mergers, as the means to drive substantial organizational change and business growth.

LighthouseCommunity Dedication

Each year Navigator and its employees dedicate time and money to local community charities and events. We hire talented LEADERS for business who wish to utilize those same talents in helping build a thriving community in which they live. We support and offer incentives to help advance this dedication. Learn more about our community involvement.