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Meet the Leaders

The guiding light behind Navigator Management Partners.

It’s amazing what can happen when leaders in the consulting business unite in a common vision to shift the paradigm of “business as usual.” Business models change. Employees are challenged and fulfilled. Clients realize greater efficiencies and successes with every project. That’s the culture Navigator Management Partners has set. And these are the people who drive the vision.

Market Leads

Capability Leads

  • Bruce Halley
    Bruce Halley » Program and Project Management
  • Mandy Wilson » Organizational Change Leadership
  • Bob Kaufman
    Bob Kaufman » Organizational Change Leadership
  • Steve Ellis » Customer Relationship Management
  • Neelam Mohanty
    Neelam Mohanty » Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing
  • Mike Fracassi
    Mike Fracassi » Financials Management
  • Pramitha Nalini
    Pramitha Nalini » Human Capital Management
  • Anthony Kucera
    Anthony Kucera » Student Information Systems
  • Lee Hoelscher » Technical Architecture
  • Jeff Mullett » Supply Chain Management
  • Melinda Urani
    Melinda Urani » Business Process Design
  • Jennifer DeTillio » Talent Acquisition