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Our Culture

When you recruit the best in the business, you have to offer a work environment that makes them even better.

When you’re part of a Big 5 consulting firm, business as usual usually means living out of a suitcase. We don’t believe that kind of model is conducive to delivering your best thinking, or the most responsive service to your clients — let alone the strain it puts on your personal life. We understand. We’ve been there. That’s why Navigator Management Partners is structured differently.

  • The great majority of our work is centered around our regional offices
  • You spend more time solving your clients’ business challenges and having dinner at home — not on the road
  • Many of our employees were top performers at “market leading,” global consulting firms. Our employees at Navigator will provide you with the best talent in the business and the exceptional service you deserve
  • Navigator budgets 5% of annual revenues toward our associates’ ongoing professional advancement, education and training
  • We also offer support and incentives that allow you to give back to the community where you live

What does all this mean? Well, for you it means a challenging but balanced and fun work life. One that makes you remember why you love this business. For our clients, it means having the brightest consulting minds in the industry right in their own backyard.

Our numbers speak volumes.

In a recent survey among Navigator employees regarding our corporate culture:

  • 85% strongly like the work they are doing
  • 92% are satisfied employees
  • 94% are proud to say they work at Navigator

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