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Leadership for Kuali Success

We believe in Kuali and we support the community’s goal of building and sustaining open-source software that is “by higher education, for higher education.” We are committed to serving as a trusted partner to Kuali’s Higher Education members.

Navigator is a Kuali Commercial Affiliate

Kuali Commercial AffiliateNavigator professionals have deep experience as consultants working for and partnering with the top firms in the nation. We provide strategic ideas and custom project planning that a software development firm typically does not. We are skilled at listening to your unique needs and understanding your business issues to create implementation plans that truly fit your situation.

ERP Methodology Experts

Our professionals are experienced in implementing complex business systems utilizing software products from major commercial vendors, for public and private sector clients. This experience enables us to bring highly relevant methods and skills to your Kuali project:

  • Robust Requirements Gathering
  • Structured Project Management
  • Effective Business Intelligence Design
  • Rigorous System Testing
  • Thorough User Training

Kuali Success

We have worked successfully with highly-respected institutions, large and small:
Kuali Clients